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Weldon Welding builds bridges to fit any length or capacity.


Decks and Structural Steel

We fabricate and install decks for any home. Steel decks last for many more years than wooden decks and allow for addition of any customized flooring. The support structure of the deck can be left exposed or covered by brick or wood. We also supply structural support for homes such as angles and I-beams to ensure a safe and secure structure.



We fabricate a variety of stairs from decorative and spiral stairways to steps for industrial buildings.


Hand Rails

Our handrails are the perfect compliment to any indoor or outdoor space or stairway. Our handrails can be built using many different materials including stainless steel, stainless steel cable, and brass.                                                                                                                                                      



We can fabricate gates that are big or small for interior or exterior spaces. We can build gates for driveways or walkways. As with all of our products gates can be customized to any specifications or design. Gates can also be personalized by adding initials or a company name or logo.

Custom Door Panel.JPG


Weldon Welding can create almost anything out of metal. We build doors, mailboxes, ramps, and even fireplace screens. Our experience and expertise in custom metal fabrication allows us to create any object to suit your every need.     

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